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Apple every year, in September introduced its latest handset. Phone "iPhone 6 S» (Apple iPhone 6s) are used to every year, was presented during a ceremony attractive. Apple in this phone, touch screen changed and it has to be rebuilt in the same charm, efficient as well. The phone's dimensions and weight, the larger and heavier than previous generations, but on the contrary, with the new iPhone can record images with higher quality, faster processor for gaming and even more fingerprints taken. The use of 7000 series aluminum makes iPhone 6s compared to the previous generation is much more resistant. In this series, used to strengthen aluminum from aluminum oxide was used and unlike many view weight with the Series 6000 is not much different. The new iPhone 7.1 mm thick and weighs close to 143 grams. Rzgld color in the new iPhone alongside previous colors gold, silver and gray are available. Apple after four generations, iPhone 6s rivals such as Sony Z5 and the Galaxy S6 could win.

  • Apple product enthusiasts looking forward to the arrival of the new notebook, Retina MacBook Pro, into the world market. Now the expectations have come and the Apple brand has been exposed to its beautiful, but slightly slimming diet. By changing the policy of producing a notebook display, Apple has created a revolution in the field of the notebook industry. The difference between the MacBook Pro and the Retina display over its older brothers is more than the backend. However, the changes made to this series of Macbooks, such as all Apple's updates, were thought out, and certainly, Apple has intended to make these changes. The MacBook Pro Retina series, as before, is available in both 15 and 13-inch models, and in appearance, other than the size, the two models have no differences in structure and body. It's best to go with MacBook Pro Retina review on our product dashboard for detailed explanation of this product.


    Design and construction Without a doubt, the Retina MacBook Pro is a notebook designed for the future, but is now available to users. With the first look at the slimness and style of this notebook, you may feel that such a device with this dimension can not have much power; but you're wrong! Per millimeter of this device you can see the design and design of the mind. That's why Apple's products always attract a lot of attention. Apple has always been leading the technology and changing the habits of using current devices. For this reason, the MacBook Pro Retina uses dual internal memory or SSD and even removes the optical drive. Although almost all of the company's manufacturers of laptops, such as Lenovo and Asus, use optical drives in their products, the company's experts believe that the period of compact discs and such products is coming to an end, and as usual, Apple began to change its production process. It will also lead to a change in rival companies' production. One of the reasons why Apple removed the hard disk from this device is that the hard drive is up to 90 percent less space than the hard disk space, and it's easier to keep this kind of internal memory.


    Another striking feature of this MacBook Pro is its Retina display. Apple designers have challenged all of their rivals by making this superb display with such a pixel density. Not only is this display of high quality and high resolution, it also has a stunning design and a slim and beautiful finish. The Retina screen is not beneath a layer of glass; it's the same screen saver! This means that you get what you expect from a display. Vivid colors, high contrast, and high viewing angles give it a brilliant look. Of course, this screen does not have a matte finish to keep the color transparent and transparent. According to makers of the MacBook Pro Retina, behind every piece of the design of this product is intended. All internal and external components of this product are of the best quality and are the best in terms of construction quality and material.


    An optimal cooling system for the MacBook Pro Retina is also designed to cool the air, with two separate fans, to direct air from the three different directions to and from the inside. All of these features make Apple's product special, which is a big jump to the company's previous model. The battery is a lithium polymer that is not detachable and lasts up to 9 hours. RAM and internal memory are not included and are connected to the main board.


    All of these technologies are in the body of this notebook. Apple, apart from its leading technology and the use of the best materials for its products, is known for its extraordinary design. The MacBook Pro Retina body is smaller than its predecessor, with a thickness of 15 mm and 13 by 19 mm. Their length and width are 314 mm and 219 mm in size, with a weight of 1.62 kg, and in the 15-inch model, the length and width of 359 mm is 247 mm and weighs 2.02 kg. On the weight of it, the 13-inch model is very close to the MacBook Air weighing 1.35 kilograms. Both models are very lightweight and have high build quality. It should be acknowledged that this design is less likely to be seen in competitor computing laptops, and perhaps the closest design to this ZenBook NX500 product from Asus.
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