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$ 2000000.00 $
Original Price : $ Discount : $
Final Price : 2,000,000 $

Apple every year, in September introduced its latest handset. Phone "iPhone 6 S» (Apple iPhone 6s) are used to every year, was presented during a ceremony attractive. Apple in this phone, touch screen changed and it has to be rebuilt in the same charm, efficient as well. The phone's dimensions and weight, the larger and heavier than previous generations, but on the contrary, with the new iPhone can record images with higher quality, faster processor for gaming and even more fingerprints taken. The use of 7000 series aluminum makes iPhone 6s compared to the previous generation is much more resistant. In this series, used to strengthen aluminum from aluminum oxide was used and unlike many view weight with the Series 6000 is not much different. The new iPhone 7.1 mm thick and weighs close to 143 grams. Rzgld color in the new iPhone alongside previous colors gold, silver and gray are available. Apple after four generations, iPhone 6s rivals such as Sony Z5 and the Galaxy S6 could win.

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  • 8/9/2017
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